Are Solar Panels Right for Your Home?

The odds are good that your home can benefit from solar panels, but they should be placed in specific areas of your roof that allow the system to work most optimally and have the most exposure to sunlight. At RANLife, we send our experts out to inspect your home and explain the right location and what type of system would be most effective. In some cases, trees or other environmental factors can prevent the sun from reaching the right location. These are things our professional can go over with you to make sure that every aspect of your job is accounted for prior to beginning work.

The expert will give you a detailed plan and work out financial arrangements so that you're aware of the cost up front, can budget for the upgrade, and can schedule the best time for the work to commence.

Installation Process

Our installation specialist will arrive at your home on the scheduled date and time for work to commence. They will go over the scope of work so that you're aware of how much time it will take to complete the entire process. Our specialist will have all tools and equipment brought to your location, will thoroughly examine each step of the process and will walk you through progress as the job goes forward.

Our clients can rest assured that their solar panels are installed with precision and expert craftsmanship. All work is completed up to local safety and building codes and permits are included in the cost of your final price.